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1-abc.net File Renamer 6.0

With 1-abc.net File Renamer you can give your files and folders the right names
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The 1-abc. File Renamer 1.0 is a software program for the Windows XP and Vista operating systems and enables its users to define how file names should look, assisting them in keeping their filing in a more organized and efficient way according to their requirements.

Users benefit from the features of the 1-abc.net File Renamer 1.0 by being able to find their important files more easily, saving them lots of time. The job of renaming files is normally long and tedious, however it’s speeded up by using this program’s simple 1 click procedure.

Using the program’s easy to use interface, users can add as many files as they like to the directory or file list, change the file positions if they wish, and define how the file names should look. They can control whether files newly named can include today’s time/date, the file creation date, its original file name, or numbers. They can also preview the renamed files to see what they will look like before they are changed automatically.

The 1-abc.net File Renamer 1.0 program can read and write from and to external memory devices such as USB sticks, SD memory cards, and external hard drives. It can even be installed on them. Since the entire program is only 272KB, it has a low CPU usage. Users from other parts of the world who speak the English, French, German and Hungarian languages benefit from the multilingual version available for download

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  • Speeds up renaming file jobs


  • Not available for Mac O.S
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